Saturday, February 25, 2006

You are....

the navigator! I just woke up from my Saturday afternoon nap to this awesome movie from my past; Flight of the Navigator. Anyone remember that one? It's at the end though, too bad. It's a great show. And Sara Jessica Parker is in it, and she is so young! (Nice, I just heard the 'You are....the navigator!" part)... Anway,

I didn't realze how long its been since I blogged. I've been trying to actually get out of bed when my alarm rings at 6:00 instead of pressing snooze a hundred times, waking up semi late, getting to school late for my morning meetings, not getting my copying done, etc. AND hurray, we've voted against morning meetings every morning, now we only have two! So I am as happy as a duck.

Not too much new here. Sorry!

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