Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Moment

Wow, I'm enjoying something I wasn't planning on having in the next,oh, two years or so; a free moment! Gemma is in the bath, Guinness is sleeping...It gives me hope for the future.

We had a great day today. Just trying to live each day as normal as possible. Guinness is up at night a lot; he's a bit of an eater and takes his sweet time. He gave e a four hour stretch last night, but then it was every hour and half for a while. He seems content though, and to know what he wants; not sucking for 5 minutes then quitting. So hopefully that continues.

Gemma is adjusting better today; yesterday was a little rough for mommy because every second was play with me do this do that come here, see this.... And I did play with her lots, but just not enough. Today she was more independent and did some playing on her own even. Pheww!

I am falling more in love with my son everyday. I mean, of course you love them when they are born, but the birth was overwhelming and tiring, and indcredibly humbling...Now I am feeling more like myself and when I cuddle that new little baby, and watch him eat and listen to his coos and grunts and sighs.... I love it! He is so precious.

Last update; Guinness had the snip snip yesterday; we decided to go circumcision. He took it pretty well, didn't like when the bandage came off and keeps kicking himself when we change his diaper but today it looks pretty good. He had his revenge on the doctor by pooping on his shirt; it was awesome because Dr. Lee came out with wet spots on his shirt where he had to try and clean it off. Ha ha, go Guinness!

OK, off to pay atention to my daughter before my son wants another hour long feeding... Have I mentioned how much I love my bag balm these days? Ouch!!! (Thanks again Sheri for the jumbo jar!)

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katrina said...

Sounds like things are going so great for you! So happy for you and your fam! What a crazy/amazing time! :o)