Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a great vacation! A few highlights:

1) Chris got his license, so no taxi ride to main station, lugging all our luggage around, etc. He brought the van to our place, and left at or schedule. He drove us all to Taichung, and then into the mountains, which was super nice.

2) The mountains were AWESOME, so beautiful. We even saw snow, if you can count snow capped mountains in the distance. Oh, and some snow on the hood of a car that must have driven down from said mountains. We were in the clouds and above the clouds, it was so pretty.

3) There were some condensation issues with our skylights, so we all got an upgrade to the really nice rooms; way more space and HUGE bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs. Gemma and Guinness LOVED their bath, I put about 2 inches of water in and Guin crawled and splashed all over the place, and then Gemma and I had a nice hot jacuzzi together with the jets and everything. Such a nice treat.

4) I am still making good on my new years resolution to eat more Chinese food. We had Chinese breakfast every morning and hot pot every night. Chinese breakfast = hashbrowns, onion rings, tomatoes, raisins, corn, toast, and spagetti. Yes, spagettit for breakfast. And you know those frozen bags of mixed vegetables? With that in it.

Glad to be home now, need to super clean the house to make it through the next few weeks till Chinese New Year. The second half of the year will fly by.

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