Monday, July 02, 2012


I've never worked harder on a project than this move, and we really could have used another week. Our friends came and helped everyday, and we still worked until 2am the night before we left. And left 30 minutes later than planned to get to the airport because we still had MORE garbage to take out, and clothes to pack. AND I am laughing now to think of all we still left undone!!! Like leaving our sheets, pillows, and duvet on the bed in the master bedroom because they were covered in clothes all week and we forgot to pack them. And our table and remaining two chairs that we didn't sell. And praying that Wes didn't leave anything amiss at our neighbors place because we left in such a rush. Lamenting not having time to go to my favorite Adidas store and getting one last pair of awesome shoes at a great price. Torturing myself about what we packed, what we didn't, reviewing the contents of each box and the "should've packed this, shouldn't have packed that". Like I should have packed half as many kids toys, and then made room for my bike. Should have packed the hangers, should have given away the extra kids clothes. Because we are paying 2000$ for the stuff we packed, so it should be the most valuable stuff we have; ie) my 400$ giant mountain bike and not the 5 dollar plastic dinosaurs and tea set. I am trying to be forgiving to myself; I did the beset I could with the time we had, but it sucks to make big mistakes like that. Physically spent from moving, lifting, carrying. Emotionally spent from the mot painful goodbyes of my life. Mentally spent from trying to make all the right decisions. Spiritually though I am good. Trials produce character and God has been so amazing and kind and wonderful. Very thankful for my faith. Had a refreshing coffe date with Chris this afternoon. The fresh air and blue skies are helping clear the fog and relieve the numbness. Kids are completely jetlagged and messed up. But they love seeing their grandparents. I'll try and update their blogs soon. My iPad is autocorrecting me like crazy so I hope this post is readable. (ha ha, I just had to change 'auto erecting' back to 'autocorrecting') Proof reading the blog will have to take a higher priority, I think. After today :)

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