Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disliking the new couch

Our new couch and love seat is beautiful and comfortable. But the 'new' part is so frustrating!!!!!! Every little mark is just maddening! And even though it is only 3 weeks old, it already has marks.

We found a spot of blue glitter glue on it last night. You may not be surprised because we often do have glitter and stuff around, but I have unpacked every box and we do not even own any glitter glue! Or blue sparkles. Or anything like that! So where did it come from? Rararrra!!!!

The kids also hate the new couch because we are all over them 24/7: did you wash your hands? Stop sitting like that. Don't touch. GET OFF THE COUCH, you're dirty!!

I have a nasty cold, Gemma was home with a stomach ache, and Guinness is still coughing. Pray for us!

1 comment:

Kristie said...

So funny. That's like me after I clean the floor. All pent up about every little thing. :) Don't worry, it won't be the new couch forever. xoxo