Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Field trip

Tomorrow I get to go on a field trip with my class. We are going to a Chinese Elementary school to see what it is like. Then in November they are coming to see our school. The day is scheduled to include a performance, kite making and flying and soccer game, paper cutting, and lunch; chopsticks only. It will be not academic at all, but a good experience for the kids. Some of them have never been to Chinese school, and some of them know all too well the joys of overcrowded public school. A friend told me of her son's experience in first grade in Chinese school here in Taiepi. He was in a class of 34 students, and there were 17 classes of grade 1s. Actually, the largest junior high school in the world is here in Taipei, educating over 10,000 students each year. The things my students are the most excited about is speaking Chinese all day.

Pray for good weather!

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