Thursday, March 16, 2006

Losing sucks!

Well, we had a great 4th quarter in our semi final game but alas, one of stars fouled out and we ended up losing by six. We did well in our last game though, taking home 3rd place. Pretty good for our first year! It was a tonne of fun, and I wish I had been involved in more team sports. I mean, I was when I was young, but I should of kept up with it. It's never too late!

Today I went to Taichung, which is is the middle of Taiwan, and it was SOO hot there. I couldn't beleive the difference in temperature because they are only two and a half hours apart. The Taichung campus is pretty great, they have grass there, and trees, and people have yards too. They had just cut the grass too, and it smelled so nice. There was also a trampoline, and so I did a few jumps and a flip...I still got it!

Tomorrow is a Grade 6-9 field trip, and then tomorrow night is the Grade 6 fun night...Should be good times, if everything falls together.

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Melissa said...

I look forward to going to Taichung someday, I'm very overdue for a visit. Glad you had fun with b'ball.