Sunday, May 07, 2006

Flea Market Success!

The flea market was pretty amazing. Totally jammed packed with people, tables filling our playground. (which admittedly isn;t huge, but was pretty big). Here is the list of my finds (in both NT$ and CDN$ ;)

A jogging stroller, the three wheel heavy duty kind. It has barely been used, has a hand break, and according to other parents at school, impossible to find here in Taiwan (I think it was brought over from America): 1300NT, 45CDN. I don't really know a whole lot about strollers except that they are expensive... I was affirmed by other parents that it was a good buy and will be a great stroller for getting out and doing stuff. (We are planning on having two strollers, by the way; one heavy duty one for walks, etc, and one lightweight collapsible one for buses, MRT airports, trains, etc.)

Baby Snuggly; the newborn hold in front kind; 20NT, 70centsCDN. How could I not? It was so cute

A diaper genie; it has an almost new roll in it and came with four refills; 100NT, 3.50CDN. If you are familiar with how garbage works here you will agree with me that this may be the best find of the day.

a thick IKEA comforter, double; 300NT, 10.50 CDN.

an electric blanket; 100NT, 3.50CDN

flat sheet with two pillowcases, double: 80NT, 2.80 CDN
(does it sounds like we are expectung guests ;)

These were the highlights, I also got some books, someone gave me some bottles and the what to Expect When You Are Expecting and What to Expect In the First Year. People in Taiwan don't do garage sales, or Salvation Army, and Value Village...I think it has somethng religious to it, in that they don't want to bring in other peoples bad luck or bad energy with old stuff they buy. So this once a year flea market was a once in a year chance to stock up on things. I think I did pretty good!


Melissa said...

What great deals! I'm glad you were able to get some baby things. So fun!

Lynette said...

sounds like some amazing deals. I can't wait to get out garage sale-ing here, but seems like most of my saturdays are busy, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Were you able to get all the fleas out?

Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Wow, good deals for sure! Especially that stroller! They do have them in Taiwan, but they're an arm and a leg! The cheapest we saw was actually in...oh, I forget the name...the city that Oasis was in...Hengchun maybe? Anyway, that's where it was!
Check Toys "r" us for cheap, collapsable strollers...they had LOTS of good useful stuff that you don't find often in Taiwan, (in Kaohsiung anyway) for reasonable (close to Canadian) prices.
Hope you're well! love, katrina