Friday, July 21, 2006

My bags are packed...

but am I ready to go? Not so much this time; round two is defiently harder. Oh, and my bags aren't completely packed. The baby's bag is packed (and he/she is a HEAVY packer, yikes) and my maternity/school clothes are packed. Everything that doesn't fit me anymore and won't fit until next year has been seperated, so if anyone is planning a Saskatoon-Taiwan trip let me know...I have my shorts and T-shirts that I'll need back for next spring in TW.

I had a sleepover at my dad and Sheri's for 5 days last week and it was pretty fun. We did stuff in the garage, drove some cool cars around, and got ice-cream at the Corner Store. I also got to puruse the old family photalbums, which is such a highlight. To me, photoalbums are like books. I even have a lot of them memorized, knowing what pictures to expect after other ones and what each page turn will bring. This time though I started closer to the middle, album #14 from 1984 and ended at album #27, which was year 2001. What a life! Looking back this time I really noticed just how blessed we were growing up. Every Christmas has pictures of us three kids sitting on a chair surrounded by gifts. Birthdays are the same. There were always smiling people around, friends and family, food, laughter... Being a grown up I just appreciate more and more how hard my parents worked to give us so much and to provide for us so selflessly. There are a lot of people in this world who didn't grow up surrounded by family and friends, with a warm house and a safe yard to play in... And the more I see and know of the world the more I appreciate it. It also affirms to me how God has had his hand in my life and my family's life from the beginning. We were always taken care of, which is such a great reminder as Chester and I get ready to welcome our little one into the world and wonder together how we will take care of it and eachother.

Other highlights from this week; got our income tax return figured out, so even though we don't have the money the problem is solved and will remain solved until we sign another form or die, we saw good friend Scotty G and his girlfriend as they pass through home on route to Calgary, where they are moving to lawyer, and lunch with Allison and with Shelen. Bummer of the week was saying goodbye to Shelen, as she is off for family camping and will be gone when we leave. That was sad and hard but one down and a few to go... I hate goodbyes! Upcoming events, Grandma and Grandpa O are coming today, I/we're going to the lake tomorrow to hang out with Dad, then Tuesday morning we leave for Calgary. Yikes! Thursday we fly out of Calgary to LA to vacation with Audrey and Andy, which will be so so fun, and then August 1 we leave for Taipei. So goodbye for now, you will probably hear from me again around the 3rd when we land safe and sound back home.


Reagan said...

Hey cuz.....guess I'm probably not going to get a chance to see you this summer :(. That's ok, it's understandable, summer goes by too fast as it is and you guys had so much to do while you were home. I hope you had a great time, and again, so sorry I missed you. but we'll be in touch for sure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home!!

Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Wow...your time in Canada went fast. Sounds like you had some amazing times that you will remember fondly while living and enjoying your life in Taiwan.

What more can you ask for eh?

love, katrina