Friday, December 19, 2008


Not me, Chris. That's the difference between the life of a band geek and the life of an athlete; the number of injuries :)

Chris broke his hand on Tuesday night at ball. The sound of cracking bone filled the gym, and after an attempt at one more play it was obvious the hospital was the next stop. Gemma and I biked over with his insurance card, and in efficient Taiwan fashion waited only about 15 minute for the trip to X-ray and then consultation; the verdict was pretty clear. 4th metacarpulum (sp?) broken in half and you need surgery. Now.

Uhhh, ok. He was all sweaty and gross from ball, and all I had with me was Gemma (very cute and all, but not exactly what you need before an ambulance trip to a different hospital across the city). They let me go home and get some stuff for Chris, dropped Gem off with Andy and Audrey (THANK YOU) and zipped back to the hospital for our first ambulance ride in Taiwan. We had to go to the other branch of the hospital (in Neihu, Heather, can you believe it? Can't get much farther away from here!). The doctors were great and got the surgery arranged for 6am, but by then it was almost 1 so I stayed the night there. By 8am he was in recovery and 9am settled back in his room. There was a free non stop shuttle bus back to our hospital, which only took about 25 minutes, so that was also awesome. I went home, showered, picked up Gemma, had a nap with her, then we packed up the rest of daddy's stuff and jumped on the shuttle back. Fortunately Chris did really well; they stuck three pins in across the bone, and he was feeling not to bad so they discharged him last night. I arranged a sitter all day today, tomorrow is a half day and full of fun activities so Gem will come with me and then HOLIDAYS! Yippee! Chris should be back to good in 8 weeks. They will check it on Christmas day (in Taiwan everything will be open on the 25th) and see how it is and then they'll take the pins out after the 8 weeks.

Also in this week's schedule, I made four crowns for the living nativity a friend is coordinating at on of the big shopping centers. Real sheep, shepherds, kings, and baby Jesus, it's meant to be an interactive imagine-what-it-was-like-in-Bethlehem- sort of thing. More later about that; we'll be participating on Monday.

(yes, there were three kings, but we made four robes and crowns just in case.)

Honey, I hope you don't mind me blogging since your typing is going to be a bit slow for the next few weeks.


Trina said...

Oh Nevada, is that ALL you have going on? You poor girl, that is a lot for a mom and wife to handle. Good luck with the helping of the recovery.
Hope your weekend is better.

Brenda said...

I still don't understand what created the break. Did he get hit by the ball or a player or bang his hand against something???

Allison said...

You're fine with 4 crowns - the Bible never actually states how many wisemen there were. Everyone just uses three, because that's how many types of gifts they brought!
And ditto to Brenda's comment - what happened!?!
Sorry we missed your call - we were at church.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's too bad. He's had a bad couple of years for injuries. I was playing tennis with him the last time he broke his arm, and basketball with him when he broke his foot, so I can gladly say I had nothing to do with this injury.