Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Awesome Day

Have I mentioned on here how much I love holidays?

Today was super great; totally sunny and hot in the morning when Gemma and I went to the park. The best part of winter in Taiwan is that it's almost over!!! We went to the water park and fed the fish, saw a turtle, and then shared a grape juice. When we got home we had lunch and a 90 minute nap. Then we went to the park again with Audrey and Elias, and Ali met us at 2 so I could go to another friend's house and sew the duvet cover that has been in my mind for 6 months. Brenda got this great Ikea fabric for the top in the summer, so it was my job to do the bottom. Well, I didn't buy my own fabric until October, and didn't start it until this week. And of course, when I dug out an old sewing machine someone gave me it worked for about 15 minutes before quitting, so I called this friend with a machine and basically invited myself over (Dad, where are you when I can't get things to work?). I sewed my butt off for an hour and a half and TA DA! Duvet cover and pillow case. Can't wait to take pictures and show you. Then we had supper, made cinnamon buns, went to Andy and Audrey's for a bit, and put Gemma down. Now I am blogging, will wash dishes, and complete one more little hand-sewing project for the baby's room. I LOVE productive days, especially since I have so few of them. The only thing missing is Chris, who is in TaiDong on a misison trip with church. So keep him in your prayers. He'll be back Saturday.


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