Friday, February 13, 2009

God is Good!

The next time you flip through your wallet and look at your Sask health card, be thankful! And as much as taxes stink, be so thankful that healthcare is provided to everyone in our country.

As you may remember, back in July Gemma was hospitalized for a blood infection. Her fever was 104 and nothng would bring it down, and if we wouldn't have been able to get medical treatment when we did she would have died. The infection started from a simple strep throat infection that we didn't even know she had (the downfall of a happy baby; don't know when they are sick!). The infection went into her blood (septicemia) and from there would have gone to her brain. Thankfully the doctor in Regina sent us to the ER immediately and we were admitted. Within hours of her first antiobiotic treatment she was on the road to recovery.

When you don't live in your province for 6 months of the year you do not qualify for SK health. We are covered though our school for insurance, Priase the Lord, because our three day stay in Regina General Hospital cost 11,618$ CAD. That's right, to recieve IV anitbiotics every 8 hours and have a room and food in one of our hospitals cost over 3000$ dollars a DAY, plus 600$ to visit the ER. Have you ever visited an ER? Have you ever stayed in a hospital? And this visit didn't even include any surgery or procedures; just simple IV.

Anyway, I blog this beacuse it looks like our claim is finally about to be settled. We've been given the run around by our insurance people but when I contacted our school contact person and she contacted them they were immediatley ready to work on it as fast as possible. Just to have that 11,000$ bill looming over us for the last 6 months has been a weight, and I am so thankful that it is finally being taken care of.

It has been a week of lows and highs. Some stressful stuff at church and of course all that weight falls on the pastor and his wife, and just a bunch of little things; no babysitter, money that was supposed to come and didn't, this insurance thing, Chris' hand... Just so much weight. So having this one thing taken care of and out of our hands is so awesome. Chris also had some positive conversations with church people and some weight has been removed form that situation as well, just giving us the freedom to move on without worry.

My faith in Jesus is pretty simple (Just do it!) and it makes me a bad evangelist, but I am just so grateful everyday for God's intervention and control in my life. I am never alone, my problems are always out of my hands, I have access to joy and peace and love every moment. I have hard times but I can remember the hard times of the past and the miracles that God has worked out for us. This is why I wanted to blog this today, because I know this is a time I will look back on and say God is good!


Brenda BE said...

God is Good
and the reply is "All the time"
He looks after each one of us as if we were the only one.
But in His time...which is where we fail to trust because we want results now.

karen (gonyou) robertson said...

agree. After living in the states for 2 1/2 years, and working in both systems, Canada's is WAY better. Be thankful for it:)

katrina said...

Nevada, I love the way your mind works!!

Thank God that is getting taken care of for you. I can't imagine having that loom over you after already going through that horrifying situation with Gemma!!!

Miss you friend. Hope you're feeling great!