Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have you seen this?

Coolest stuff I've seen in a while. My friend Adrienne brought it back for me from the states at Christmas because I am always trying to borrow food coloring from people, so she got me a box of regular and a box of this. We totally love it. Which leads to our favorite craft of late; colored rice.

So you take a cup of plain white rice, put it in a ziploc, add 1/2 ounce of rubbing alcohol and 5 drops of food coloring, mix it up and when the rice is all colored spread it out on a paper plate to dry. Gemma has a total blast playing with it; I fill up a few bowls of the different colors and give her measuring cups, spoons, empty yogurt cups (any kind of container) and set it all in a big pan and she will happily spoon it back and forth and pour it from one container to the other, mix it up, spoon it into a cupcake pan to make cupcakes, use it with her teaset... She loves it. A bit messy, but if you have a floor you can sweep it its not so bad. Apparently you can use this recipe to make colored pasta, too, for beading or crafts or whatever.

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Brenda BE said...

Oh, I have neon food colouring. I wonder if it works in hair too???