Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in a name?

Chris and I are pretty picky about names. That's one reason why we want to know the sex of the baby; if we had to come up with a boy and a girl name each time it would take forever. As it stands we have only just recently come to consensus about T-5 weeks' name. Part of my pickiness comes from being a teacher; I know a lot of names and personalities that go with names. You also see the trends; classes with 12 Jason's in it for example, or whatever. You also see the look on the face of a child who has had to say for the millionth time how their name is pronounced because it is so different on paper. Being at a Christian school has eliminated all BIble names from our lists; I've taught them all (Ok, we did toss around Rahab Judas McKenzie, but thought better of it). The other part of my pickiness comes from having the greatest name in the world: Nevada Bryn McKenzie. I LOVE my name, always have. It has served me well. If you are further interested in the subject of names there is some good reading in Freakonomics, a few chapters at the back. Anyway,

The point of my post was to be this; Have you ever met someone with the wrong name? You try to call them that and it just doesn't work? Or everytime you call them by their name it seems strange? Name giving is high pressure stuff.


Melissa said...

So funny about the wrong name. I have a friend Elaine and I always call her Leanne - not sure if it's because she looks like a Leanne or I just can't get the letters arranged correctly. do have a really cool name!

Allison said...

In answer to your question - yes! Your husband! I have a hard time calling him Chris! However, I'm pretty sure that has more to do with knowing him as Chester from the time I met him than with him having the wrong name.

Brenda said...

In reply to Allison's comment, I never intended him to be CHESTER. Makes me think of someone from Southern States at the Mason/Dixie line, or appears on HEE HAW, sounds like Jester.
His name is actually "Christopher Andrew Tyler", in brief by meaning of each name, "industrious Christ bearer". This was the heritage we wanted him to endeavor to for our Lord. Andrew was the disciple who introduced people to Jesus in a quiet, unassuming manner. Yep, a name can be loaded but you know I think we got it right for this little baby boy.
Christopher's Mom, Brenda

Nevada said...

I love the name Chester, too; it was so fun and fitting. My family still calls him that! It's hard to make the switch from Taiwan Chris to Canada Chester.

Don & Reagan said...

Also keep in mind when choosing a name if your child will be doomed to a lifetime of spelling their name for people or constantly having their name mis spelled and mis pronounced. Ahem, not that I'm speaking from experience or anything LOL Not that I hate my name I like it's uniqueness but there are days when I wonder why some people always calls me Regan, when my name is Reagan and I have told them this on many many occasions, or wonder if I'll have to spell my name out for people for the rest of my life, and also wonder why some people seem to insist on telling me the correct way to speill MY name???

Judy said...

When we had a hard time thinking up boy names we would pray and ask God if He would like to name them something.He always came through in a surprising and wonderful way.