Monday, March 09, 2009

38 weeks

Another appointment today. No action yet, Dr. Lee said, it won't be this week. Which is good. Now that I know I am taking time off work starting after tomorrow (YIPPEE) I am ok with waiting it out. Work has been pretty tiring; getting up early, no naps, up and down stairs, getting up and down off the floor. It will be nice to be able to focus my energy on home.

The baby is getting bigger; 3100 grams today, or 6lb11oz. It's amazing week by week how they grow. I've totally felt it, too, I'm getting lots of hard kicks that just about go right through, and the whole belly is super pointy.

So tired today...I'm not making complete sentences at all but yah...More later.

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Kristin said...

So, you're a cone-belly, eh? Rock the casbah!