Saturday, March 07, 2009

9 months and counting

Feeling pretty good. Working like crazy to get ready to leave school, but that is coming along ok, too. More on Monday after the dr. appointment.


karen (gonyou) robertson said...

Ok you totally 100% look like you are carrying a boy. That is a low basketball tummy if I've ever seen one! I guess the old wives tales are right:)

Nevada said...

That is so funny you said that because that is what EVERYONE says here; even strangers on the street point at it and say 'deedee' (Little brother). A student told me too, yesterday, that he knew it was a boy because his mom knew what shape boy babies are.

Denise said...

You look has been months since I have read your blog. I trust all will go well with your delivery, enjoy having Baba's extra set of hands with you. Much love,