Monday, March 02, 2009

An interesting appointment

37 weeks today. And the most ridiculous phrase in all the baby books rears its head: labour and delivery are imminent. Duh! I hate that line; "these symptoms mean labour is anywhere from days to weeks away." That's not at all helpful! Anyway...The doctors' report, in summary:
1) I am huge
2) I have a lot of water
3) I have group B strep

Oh great. So I've had pretty normal by the book pregnancies to date, and I guess these things are not unheard of. There is no major crisis and the doctor wasn't worried or anything, so that was good. Then I came home and (curses to myself) I had to look it all up on the internet and have basically given myself more knowledge than I needed. Having a lot of water? Maybe nothing. Maybe a defect in the baby's esophogus or bowels. Great. Testing positive for group B strep? No problem for me and probably no problem for the baby, but it could be. They'll just start me on antiobiotics as soon as I go to the hospital and it should be fine. So creepy to know you are carrying a weird bacteria around with you...

Anyway, pray that these things work out just fine. I trust my doctor a lot, and have a great hospital so I am keeping my worry at bay. I also got my hospital registration forms today, and the warning that "this is your second baby; if your water breaks or you have contractions don't wait! Go to the hospital right away because it will be faster than the first time."

This is how the doctor ended the appointment; "Well, if I don't see you in the next few days, come back in a week." Who knows? Maybe my next post will be a 'we're on our way in' post.


Heather said...

Ya, they do say the 2nd one usually comes earlier and faster. But don't bet on it. Dillon was later and slower than Atticus. Where are the pictures of your hugeness?

Trina said...

They also say your second will be bigger than your first, but that wasn't the case with my boys either. Also with Harrison I never had any contractions at all until I was at the hospital, and with Matthew I was having contractions all day.
Everything will be fine, and you will do wonderfully. You know your body and how you are feeling, and your instincts will tell you what you need to know and do.

Allison said...

Don't stress about the "lots of water". Jenn had a ton of amniotic fluid with Emmett and he was/is just fine. And I know plenty of people that had strep B and had to be on antibiotics.
And while Ayda was way early, my labour was only shorter because I made them put me on oxytocin earlier than they did with Jared - otherwise it was the same thing: water breaking, no contractions. I just knew better with Ayda - as in, knew what to ask for and what needed to happen to keep her out of the NICU for the same reasons Jared had to be there.
Not trying to discourage you, I just know what it's like to think the baby is coming early and then have them come late - it makes the wait WAY longer. So better to anticipate late and maybe be surprised by an early appearance.

Shel said...


He'll come out eventually - just enjoy your last few moments with only one child. Don't stress or worry over things that "have" to be done - everything will fall into place as needed and nothing is that life shattering that it can't be taken care of later on if need be. Your sanity is more important than clean baseboards. ;)

Hang in there!!