Thursday, March 26, 2009

And nothing!

Except that I really don't think it is possible for this baby to get any lower. I had the regular 'dropping' about 2 weeks ago, and it just keeps getting lower and lower and lower, until today there are times when I can't hardly walk because of the discomfort on my cervix. Mostly just general discomfort today, I think every organ in my abdomen is out of room and beginning to protest.

We're having so much fun with Brenda, its been such a great week and a half. It is so awesome to have the company around the house, especially since I am off work. And to have an extra pair of helping hands, wow. Chris and I have gone for little walks every night, because Baba is here to stay with Gem, I can go out by myself while Chris is out, dishes and cleaning up get shared, nice family meals at the table, laundry gets folded... It's been so great. Just so much more relaxing not having all those household chores piling up and waiting to get done.

We will qualify for a move now that we are having a second baby. We are VERY tired of moving, this will be our fourth move in as many years, but want the space of course, so are praying so much our school can get a larger (4 bedroom) place in our building. Please pray for this; I don't want to assume I know best in this situation but to me it seems like the best solution would be to just have us move within our building (and there is one available; right across the hall!!) That would be so great.

Off to ToysRUs with Baba and Gem... See you!

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