Saturday, November 21, 2009

totally busy week

Wow, another Christmas concert season is upon us and, lo and behold, I am busy. I don't think I should go back and read my blog archives because I would see how boring and predictable I am!

It was a busy week. I worked hard every day, did a lot for school and at home; Gemma's 3rd birthday is next week so sent out some invitations and did some planning. Thursday went on an awesome date with my hubby to Teinmou (essentially foriegner central of Taipei) for a dance production at the American school there, and it was awesome! While there, we went to a grocery store that features hard to find western groceries (Wellman's), and had the best cheeseburgers...Mary's Hamburgers since 1979. It was just like the perfect hot rink burger (which may not sound that great to you, but here, wow. Tastes like home.)

Friday I rushed home after school, packed the kids up as quick as possible (1 hour) and hustled to the HighSpeedTrain to go to Taichung for a concert at the school there. Andy and Audrey picked us up and then watched the kids while I attended the concert, which was unfortunately shortened due to two cases of H1N1 in the 5th grade class and them being sent home from school earlier that day. The rest of Friday night and Saturday was spent relaxing with the Wu's; admiring the skills and good looks of eachother's children, catching up on the news, sharing thoughts and ideas, and one of the things I miss most about Audrey being gone; crafting! We cut out 10 little backpacks out of purple felt, fronts and backs and started hot glueing them together (till I killed the glue gun; doh). They are going to be the treat bags for Gemma's party on the 30th. It was fun to do, and I wish I had Audrey's help to finish; she did all the eyes too, so more than her share but is more fun to work with someone. Audrey has always been the brains of my craft operations. I can think of ideas but she can make them better, draft out the patterns, and make them look nice. She is very neat and organized and can think things through way better than me. We've done some pretty cool projects together over the years.

I have a to do list that takes me till the 30th. I tried to spread out my party tasks, etc, so it snot all lumped together, but we'll see. To do this week:
-mail presents home
-finish backbacks
-make other decorations
-passport photos, applications, and a trip to the trade office. Ugggg.
-big thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. YAY!
-make and decorate cupcakes for a friend/family party at our thanksgiving dinner,
-make and decorate cake for Monday's party. I am going to try fondant. Gulp!
-wrap presents
-shop for treat bags and party snacks

Wish me luck!

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