Monday, May 31, 2010

A little bit of math for you...

(If I knew how to insert the infinity symbol, I would have used it to title this post)

The head of my broom is 2 inches thick, and the bristles are 7 inches long.

The strings of my mop, although connected to a plastic knob that is about 4 inches across, are only about 1 inch thick and about 12 inches long.

Why is this information necessary? Because it would explain why after several attempts to sweep out the goldfish crackers from under my counter I still have not got them out, and yet the mop manages to grab a few more every time. Of course by now the goldfish are moldy and disgusting, and although my zeal is quite intense, I can not argue with the facts that the broom is too wide and too short to get them out, and so I will just have to continue swishing them out with the mop.

And of course, for the final question: How many goldfish are under the counter, anyway???/


Kristie said...

And the even greater many of who-know's-what is under the counter from your places previous tenents??? I think about this often.

Caleb said...

Hey! Nice blog. Your comment of

"The head of my broom is 2 inches thick, and the bristles are 7 inches long."

made the June selection of the "That's what she said" competition. Check it out on

Also, goldfish are NOT delicious.

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