Friday, June 04, 2010


Why am I awake?

I am very tired.

I am getting a sore throat.

And I am laying in bed and CAN NOT stop thinking about school, and all the work I will not be able to get done tomorrow. (Tomorrow is the last day) I'm thinking about the moldy electric piano case I found that needs to be cleaned. And the french horn gig bag, too. And the thank you notes to parents I didn't write yet. And the grades not entered and the practice records not turned in. Not to mention the bookshelves not covered, E106 not filled out for instrument repairs, final instrument touch ups only I can do, music not filed, books not ordered for next year...

I am usually an excellent sleeper, and I can really say that I never lay awake stressing about my job. So why today?

Sigh, I will be going back to school on Monday.

Time to gargle more salt water and kick this cold before it even begins.


Kristie said...

Aw, stink. I hate this for you. You must be stressed to the max...will be praying.

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