Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Summer Anxiety

I am finally checked out of school, pheww! I didn't leave as neat as I wanted to, but time was out and so I just will have to fix it up in the fall. The main stuff is done, and I left myself a list so when I get back in August I'll know what to do. (Do you want to know what's on the list? Clean out the top two drawers of the bandroom filing cabinet and make files for my papers, organize the CDs, organize the bookshelves under the CD player, and decide what to do with the 6 junky clarinets... fix them or junk them, and add ID numbers to the new instruments and add them to the inventory.)

I thought I would feel great today, but I was actually pretty grumpy. No real reason to be, since it was a fun day and I was glad to have that job done, and someone watched Gemma in the morning so I had some free time. I was just in an annoyed mood. I wont lie; I'm only 4 days in and already my kids are making me bonkers. We had a great 10 days when Chris was gone, but this weekend has put me over the edge a bit. The joys of traveling with youngsters (we were in Taichung), trying to clean up as they destroy all around you... there were just some frustrating moments today. Shake it off, right Nevada? Tomorrow is a new day.

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