Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm awake and the kids are asleep; I have a cold and am so stuffed up, dry lips and throat, runny nose...yuck.

So I remembered my intention to blog more. And I can't think of anything to say!

What about this gift of free time? I could wash dishes, I suppose. Or fold laundry. Or start the massive work project I have for the weekend; prepare all my overseas orders that are due Monday morning (an extension from the original Friday due date). But you know what will happen as soon as I begin to 'do' something....

pitter patter stomp "Mommy? MOMMMMY?????" I'm hungry I want a show I want to get dressed cuddle me".

So maybe I'll just bum around until they wake up.


Kristie said...

I say have a big cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet on the couch. Free time is too valuable to waste on doing chores!

Mary S. said...

That is the good stuff girl! Forget all the chores..pitter patter goes away quickly. Then it is the stomping of teenage feet and then silence when they are gone.