Tuesday, February 07, 2012

morning? night?

Does anybody else despise getting up in the morning? I always say, "If I just get up earlier, I can get a few things out of the way that will otherwise pester me all day" but morning comes...and its so dark, and my bed is so cozy, and I feel so tired.... I love that quote from Dr. Suess' 'I'm not going to get up today': "My bed is warm, my pillow's deep; today is the day I'm going to sleep." Except I feel that way every day.

So then, because I don't get up early to do stuff, I plan to stay awake at night past the kids. HA HA, yah right!!! By the time dishes are done, Guinness is in bed, do something special with Gemma, stories read, teeth brushed, massage, cuddle... I'm out like a light.

I took some worktime tonight as the kids watched a movie. I am going to another Orff workshop Thursday and Friday, so I have to make sub plans, and a few other business parts of my job that happen to be due on Friday. SO excited to be a 'student' this week. Last year I learned so much, it was awesome.