Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I have had so much laughter this week, its unreal. Being in this really small Bible School town, eating in a cafeteria, going to class, hanging out in dorm rooms is like living the Bible student life I never had (Except for one awesome week with Allison at Briercrest taking a seminary class; good times, eh Allie?) Its like being at camp again. Why isn't grown up life as conducive to laughter as the pre-grown up days? Not that being a grown up is all miserable; I still laugh and have great times. It just seems like they are fewer and farther in between, that's all.

It's been such a week of healing and restoration and relaxing. The reality of leaving is sinking in fast, though, and I am definelty having my feelings of sadness about saying goodbye. Gulp. I love you friends and family!

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Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Saw your pics on Chris' blog...looks like lots of fun! You two look great! I can't believe you're leaving again! And we never even hooked up in Canada! I really would have loved to see you guys...but quite frankly the thought of traveling again with Nate after we finally got him settled into routine...scares me. We'll see each other again day. (sniff, sniff) can't wait to read about your adventures!!