Thursday, November 10, 2005

These are the people in your neighbourhood...

Even though we live in a city of a bazillion people, I see a lot of the same people everyday. (when I am on time..I see different people depending how late I am leaving the house.

6:45am Lady doing some sort of crazy exercises arm swinging exersices in the park. She bends forward and jerkily swings her arms so that look like she is having seizures. This is at the school by our house.

6:46am Across from the school is the stationary store, and the old woman sells newspapers there.

6:50am Crossing guard lady. She keeps me safe when I cross the massive Roosevelt Road in morning traffic.

6:52am The 272 bus, which almost runs me over every morning because I am biking through his lane.

6:53am The crossing guard mothers....A popular parent cause here in Taiwan. It is basically what we call Safety patrol; people in bright vests holding signs, stopping traffic. Here fancily dressesd women on their way to work, hair all done up and high heeled shoes, white golves, etc, put on a neon yellow vest and titter out onto the street when the walk light is on to stop over eager cars from running the light or trying to squeeze through.

7:00am I am school! Mr. Shu greets me, He is out guard (aka doorman).

It is nice to have that little bit of familiarity.

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