Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006

Happy New Year everyone! What's in store for 2006?

To celebrate the New Year we went to some friend's place, went for dinner and then back to their place to play some games. Chris won settlers, of course, but it was fun nonetheless. (I had eight points...So close, yet so far away) Eventually we'll have taught everyone that game and we won't have to do the teaching version every time we play. Actually, we have a few more game converts over the break; Ticket to Ride has been bought and played by two different friends of ours. (Of course, all credit goes to Mat and Shelen who converted us first). But anyway, back to New Years Eve;

At 11:55 we went up to the roof of their building to check out the firework shows, and there were like 5 going on all at the same time, all over the city. Every way you looked there were fireworks. And then, right at midnight, the 101 lit up with lights and fireworks, it was so bright and so cool looking. (101 is the tallest building in the world). It was a really neat view and such a fun way to enjoy the big city on New Years.

One more day of vacation. :(

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