Sunday, April 30, 2006

Awesome Service

On Sunday I took my bike into the shop for a quick repair; the seat had broke and so it is basically sitting on the metal support frame; not comfortable at all! First, like a good daughter of my father, I washed it, and that was great. It was so grimy, and because I ride it in the rain the chain is super rusty and drips rust colored water onto the bottom bars. At the shop I got the best service ever. As soon as I got there the lady came out and saw right away that the seat was broken. I didn't have to wait at all; she went right in and got a new seat and got to work at putting it on. I love that so much; there is nothing worse than taking something into the shop and having them say, "Our repairman is only here between the hours of 2 and 3 am some Mondays and alternating Wednesdays, except holidays or nights when the moon is out," or some garbage that means another trip back. She also greased my chain and tightened the brake, and all I had to pay for was the cost of the seat; 200NT or about 7$, Awesome! Speaking of bikes, Chester and I are planning on biking as much as we can, and since I sold my bike last year when we left, does anyone have a bike I can borrow for 7 weeks? (June 6ish - July 26ish) Thanks!

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