Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It is way past my bedtime, but I just have to write about the power of prayer I experienced today.

I was stressing about the concert so much last night...I had all these props to get ready, I had to get the CD edited and done, and it wasn't working at all and there were no solutions or people to help me, progress reports were due, AHHHH! I was really worried it was all going Kaput.

Fortunately I am a praying person. I prayed and prayed last night. I emailed Shelen and told her to pray. I talked to people at school and asked them to pray. And I made all of my classes pray with me before they left today; I explained all the problems and said we gott pray, and we did and BOOM! I got progress reports started, I got perfect, quick, and easy help for the CD problem, 5 mothers showed up after school asking what they could do to help, my husband called and said he was coming to school for dinner, so I didn't need to go home for dinner and could stay and work, AND I got my progress reports done. Plus, as a bonus, we had a totally good time out a friends place after Chris' b-ball game.

I have always been a fervant beleiver in the power of prayer. That is one of the best parts of this school; I get prayed for often, and I pray for others often too. I feel so supported and lifted up. Everytime I blog about something and ask you to pray, the situation resolves; I feel all your prayers and thank you so so much! And I am so so relieved at how much our baby has been prayed for already in it's 10 week life. How awesome is that?

Prayer works! Amen.


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How do people cope without a God that is always there?!
And I think I have a bike you could use during the summer.