Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Have I mentioned...

how much I love vacation? I am soooo mello and chilled out, I better start doing something or I will be near comatose by the time the summer is over!

I thought today I'd write some of the things that I really like about home that I didn't really think about before. Like grass. Grass is so great. Everywhere we go people have lots of grass and it is beautiful and green. I mean, I always have loved Taiwan because it is so green, too, but this is a different green. Like in Taiwan, I would never walk around on grass in my barefeet. Or touch a tree or shrub....Everything is kind of dirty, and there are bugs and stuff. But here, I am barefoot often. I run and play on the grass, touch the leaves and flowers. Its pretty cool. Secondly, I love driving. Driving is awesome. So much freedom, where you want to go, when you want to go, all in the convience of your own car. (Thanks Sheri for the use of the car!) Thirdly, I love drinking water out of the tap. And here in Saskatoon we have the best tasting water in the province, no jokes. And lastly, throwing out whatever garbage I want whenever I want. No little flies everywhere because the garbage has been sitting too long in our apartment, no million different bags for recycling, etc. Although this one is a double edged sword, because I do feel guilty for not recycling anything except bottles. Everytime I throw a scrap of paper in the can I feel bad.

Pictures coming soon...Blogger wasn't cooperating this morning.


Reagan said...

Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying your visit home, it's funny how you dont' realize the silly little thigns that you can take for granted when your away. Even the short time we were in Cuba there were a couple of things I definatly missed, like iced tea!!! Oh well I guess it makes a person appreciate the little things all the more, right. When do you guys have to head back? I want to see you guys before you go for sure!! I'll have to get your number and call you to see what we cna figure out :). I hope the rest of your vacation is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've really got to get on the recycling bandwagon. Saskatoon is way behind.