Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday as we were leaving Guinness' dr. appointment, I felt a pain in my left side. All through supper it hurt, so when we got home I took a hot shower to try and work it out. After that I was so achy and fevery, and had these teeth chattering chills, so after tucking Gemma into bed it was off to the dr. for me. Wow, mastitis sucks! It came on so fast, and I was so wrecked, pounding headache, aching everywhere. We just went to our nearby ER, got a dose of anitibiotics and an IV, and when my fever went down after a few hours they let me go home. Thankfully a friend took Gemma for most of the morning/early afternoon and I had a long sleep, and a feeling much better. Still some tenderness on the left side, but not the constant pain. Fever and chills are gone. Thanks for praying everyone. Pray it stays away; they said if it didn't go away they would have to use stronger antibiotics which would keep me from nursing, and I would possibly have to be admitted, and that would be no fun!

The picture is during supper; a Guinness sandwich!


Anonymous said...

Poor you! That really stinks. I hope it clears up really fast. I didn't see when you posted this, but I hope it goes away right away. That is the cutest picture of you and your kids. I love it.
I hope you're doing well. Looking forward to seeing you when you guys come here.

Kathleen said...

I had mastitis 4 times in 3 months!! I feel for you! Here's a trick that worked wonders for me...put a ziploc bag of popcorn kernels in the freezer and when they are good and cold stuff the bag in your bra on the tender spot. Once you get past the shock of the cold it is pure bliss!! Not sure why it feels so good but it does!